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2021 in Review

May 15, 2021 was the day we dug the first trench, and oh what a year it has been since then!

From some ideas on a piece of paper, lots of map printing, and then finally beginning construction, it was a crazy few months. Looking back now, we cannot believe just how much progress we have made, as a 2-man band.

Within 3 months, we had our first live customer, mostly delayed due to VDOT Permit issues with our carrier, but that also gave us some breathing room to get more work done in prep.

To then have our first customer going live in August 2021, and ending the year with almost 100 live customers, it has certainly been a moment to be proud of. When others have refused to provide a much-needed service to our community, for a company as small as ours to have done what we have achieved, is remarkable, even if we say that ourselves.

During 2021, we obtained our first VDOT Permits to cross VDOT maintained roads and have another 8 drawings being finalized to make another 8 VDOT road crossings before Spring 2022. We have evolved in the way we do things and have expanded the team to include our first full time employee. Plans are already afoot to hire our second full time employee this month, and with 2 of our sub-contractors, continue pushing our rural fiber deployment at full steam.

The next phases of our project are getting underway, and our rapid expansion from now, through Spring 2022 will see several new homes within our service area.

We are ever so thankful to those that have supported our growth, to the homeowners who have backed us since day one, proud to see those who are live, enjoying having first class fiber service finally.

As we enter 2022, we can promise we are pushing as fast as we can, we growing as quick as we can, and we aiming to connect as many homes as possible, as quick as possible in 2022. If you anywhere South of Purcellville, West of Route 15, East of the County Line in Bluemont and North of Middleburg, you may well be in our target area for 2022! So, keep in touch!

And in closing, if you can help spread the word with your neighbors or anyone in our 2022 service area, that would be GREAT! The more interest we get from one area, certainly drives the order in which we will target specific communities.

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Great work Warren.

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