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Installation Questions

What You Need to Know

How do your installations work?

Our team utilizes a 3/4" wide vibratory plow to install a fiber optic service line from our distribution points to individual homes. The installation is done at a depth of approximately 12". The fiber optic cable terminates on the side of your phone in a box that resembles the Verizon box outside your home. The fiber then connects to our equipment, and an Ethernet cable is used connect to your router inside house.

What if you need to cross my driveway?

If you need us to bore under a driveway instead of plowing through it, especially if it's tarmac, we may charge an additional fee. We always try to find the best and minimize damage, but ultimately, we need to connect the cable from our distribution point to your home.

Do you provide me with a WiFi Router?

Please note that our standard installation does not come with a wireless router.


We suggest using a Mesh Based Wifi System, like TP Link's Deco X75 Pro, as it provides excellent coverage. Although it may be a bit expensive, it is worth the investment.


Keep in mind that the strength decreases as you move away from the router, so having a good Mesh Based Wifi System will allow you to make the most of your fiber internet connection.

Will you run my connection to anywhere in my home?

Typically, our standard installation fee covers connecting your service to a similar point as your other utilities.

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