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Which areas are you currently serving?

We are currently deploying our network to the North Fork and surrounding areas of Purcellville, Virginia

Our network is already extending outside this area though, and we are in early stages of working on a completely separate neighborhood, which will one day be connected to our original community as both grow outwards towards each other.

Are you going to provide service in other areas?

Absolutely! Our aim is to roll this model out to other under-served areas in Western Loudoun. We continue to grow and work as fast as we can, being a smaller company trying to do what none of the bigger companies have been willing to do with private funds.

What does your service offer?

We offer unlimited downloads, using a fully fiber optic to the home network. We now support up to 10Gb/s speeds with unlimited downloads

So, how much capacity do you have?

As we get more homes connected, we will continually evaluate current performance of the backhaul link. We will also publish our backhaul link usage to subscribers, so they can see for themselves just how we doing. Our objective is to ensure that we do not run at 85% of capacity between the hours of 5pm and 10pm, over a 7 day moving average, as well as over a 6am to 6pm period (both separately monitored - for those work from homers).

What about Starlink?

Once Starlink is fully available, and running a commercial reliable grade service, it will be a great option for those that cannot receive Fiber Optic Broadband. Nothing really beats true FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

What about Loudoun County Government and All Points Broadband's VATI Grant

Our opinion is this is 5 years too late. With the current timelines, it is unlikely anyone will receive service through this before 2023, and frankly, we have decided people cannot wait any longer

In July 2021 Loudoun County Government agreed to fund the VATI application with $12.7 million dollars, as they believed this would strengthen the VATI application with All Points Broadband (backed by a private equity firm) as a Co-Applicant.

This has effectively tied many Loudoun Residents to a wait of 3 years (All Points have said construction would begin in "Summer 2022" and the project would have "substantial completion" within 24 months. 

These are "get out of jail free" commitments, and we feel sorry for those residents at the back of the list who still have 3 years to wait  (and we are positive there will be an extension/delay)

What experience do you have doing this?

Between the founders, they have worked at major Internet Service Providers and large data networking consulting companies servicing major corporations including stock exchange listed companies, banks and advised government agencies.

Being almost 2 years into the business now, and with delivering high speed broadband to almost 200 homes, all of whom have been extremely happy with our fast, reliable, fiber service, we feel like we have proven that we have the experience to support a project of this nature.

How is this different to the relationship we had with Waterford Telephone Company?

A major difference is the financial investment the founders have put into this effort. The cost of installing conduit and fiber far exceeds any costs incurred by WTC.

Additionally, WTC used Verizon's copper network to deliver your service, whereas we will own the entire last mile meaning we are in control of our own destiny and have no supplemental charges for delivering the last mile service which adds financial strain to a company in having to pay monthly charges to a 3rd party.

Why do you need an private right of way and easement?

In order to deploy our network, we need to be able to get from point A, to point B. The shortest path is often across private property.

Whilst we have the ability like other providers to use the VDOT Right of Ways, we have often found that it is not the shortest path, and every foot of fiber costs money.

All our fiber is under ground, with vaults installed at grade. Nothing about our network is visible above the ground.

How do your installations work?

We use a vibratory plow which is 3/4" wide to install the service line from our distribution points at a depth of about 12", to individual homes. This is a fiber optic cable, and terminates on the side of your phone in a box very similar to the Verizon box you may have outside your home currently. From this point, the fiber connects to our equipment, and then an Ethernet cable goes into your house to connect to your router.

What if you need to cross my driveway?

On the occasions where need to cross a driveway, we have an additional fee if you require that we bore under the driveway, instead of plowing through it (especially if it tarmac)

We will always work with you to find the best route possible, and avoid as much damage as is possible, but ultimately a cable needs to get from our distribution point, to your home somehow.

Do you provide me with a wireless router?

Our standard installation does NOT include a wireless router. Every home has different needs, and we strongly recommend using a Mesh Based Wifi System, such as Netgear's Orbi.

They a little pricey, but they offer great coverage. Remember the further you are from your wireless router the poorer the signal is, so have a great Mesh Based Wifi in your home will allow your to benefit from your fiber internet connection the most.

Will you run my connection to anywhere in the house?

Our standard installation fee will typically include running your connection to a similar entry point to the rest of your utilities.

We will work with homeowners, and any specialist installation requirements will be recommended and quotes prior to commencement.

Typically our standard install is for up to 2 hours of labor, anything exceeding this, would be classified a non standard install and could incur additional charges.

What type of carrier service do you have?

We have our backhaul through a major carrier, as a wholesale customer. Meaning the quality is high and the contention is low on our circuit.

We have already started discussions with a second carrier, who will connect into the opposite end of our network as a redundant link.

With both of these carriers we have agreed 5 year terms on our contracts with guarantees being lodged with them.

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