Our Story

Movers And Shakers

Formed in February 2021, we began a journey to deliver rural fiber broadband services to the community South of Purcellville, VA.

Using our own funds, we purchased conduit, fiber optic cable, splice boxes, hand-holes and machinery to begin delivering service to our neighbors, and since we began, we now have over 30 miles of fiber in the ground serving almost 200 homes and a proven track record of being able to deliver this much needed service, at a low cost, without the usual red tape and/or politics of the larger players.

Our first trunk line is 5,650', with the second trunk currently sitting at 3,200'. These two lines will service our Phase 1 customers. 

Our two founders are Warren and Tom. Warren lives in the local community we are serving and has spent 18 months prior to us beginning trying to get high speed service to his home. The county, as well as Verizon and Comcast were unable to help, without Warren needing to fund $90k in construction costs.

Both Warren and Tom have worked in IT their entire careers, and have now have a proven track record of being able to deliver Fiber-To-The-Home service in rural Western Loudoun.


Service Area

Target Service Service

As we build out our network, this is our target area based on those who are under-served. This map is by no means exclusive, and we envisage it changing frequently as we grow.