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Our Story

Movers And Shakers

Cladded Glass Broadband started in February 2021, as a results of a lack of broadband service in the area south of Purcellville, Virginia. One of our founders was quoted $90,000 by Comcast to install to his home, and it got him thinking about how to solve the problem for more than just his house.

It was then around this time that our other founders was looking to invest in a Fiber Internet Service Provider, and so the pairing seemed perfect, and we began.

Cladded Glass Broadband remains privately funded to this day, by the founders and their families. A network our size has taken (and still does) a considerable amount of money to build. Using our own funds, we purchased conduit, fiber optic cable, splice boxes, hand-holes and machinery to begin delivering service to our neighbors and now have over 50 miles of fiber in the ground serving just over 200 homes.

We have also proven that it can be done, that 2 guys setting off on a mission to deliver high speed broadband in a semi-rural environment can make it happen. The usual red tape that large companies have, can be beaten and the business can run inexpensively by just "getting it done".

Both our founders have worked in IT their entire careers, and have now have a proven track record of being able to deliver Fiber-To-The-Home service in Rural Western Loudoun.


Service Area

Target Service Service

As we build out our network, this is our target area based on those who are under-served. This map is by no means exclusive, and we envisage it changing frequently as we grow.

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